Would you like Playsical at home? – The Playsical Players: For Actors & Singers in Grades 3-5

It’s Kristin Stanke Erickson and I’d love your input on something. I’m thinking of sending out Playsical Players Play exercises for our talented actors to do at home or with a sibling (or even with YOU)!

I’ll post something that will hopefully be fun, your kiddo or kiddos can do it and then film it, if you’d like. And then, we’ll post the end result on our Facebook page as well as our Playsical.com website.

Examples might include:

  1. I’ll send the choreography for learning the dance from The Greatest Showman’s song, “This Is Me.” Your Playsical Player will learn it, dance away, film it, and send it in.
  2. I’ll ask your Playsical Player to tell me everything they know (in 30 seconds to one minute) about how to do one of these. (Just examples but very good for improv and harder than they sound!)
    1. Build a sandcastle
    2. Act like a King or Queen
    3. Decorate a cookie
    4. Wash a puppy
  3. Your Playsical Player will be time to play a reporter at the most popular news station in town and their assignment is to interview someone at home about their very first job. What was it like? Favorite part? Least favorite part? Did any mistakes ever happen? And the interviewer can make this a real job or a pretend job! Your choice.
  4. It’s silly hat day. Find your silliest hat and strike a pose. Then send a photo and we’ll post them all.

It’s a way of keeping us connected when we’re disconnected. But I want to make sure you all think it’s a good idea.

Cost? Nothing. Free! I just thought it would be fun for the kids and perhaps give you a bit of a respite.

I’ll send exercises 2-3 times per week.

Please tell me what you think. For instance…

  • It’s a great idea.
  • I’m not loving this idea.
  • Or share any other ideas.

❤️ to all!


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