Pricing – The Playsical Players: For Actors & Singers in Grades 3-5

Session 4 2020 special price

Special price! $260 for for Session 4 of the 2019-20 academic year. This session consists of twelve sessions held March 24 through May 7. Visit the Schedule page or contact us if you’d like more details.


The fee is $340 for a typical 14-class session.

Note that there's a special price of $260 for Session 4 of 2020 (a 12-class session) .

Payment is due by the first day of the session.

Every full-length Playsical session includes:

  • At least fourteen 90-minute classes.
  • A snack at the start of each class.
  • A gala performance of the musical play your child has been learning over the course of the session.
  • The use of costumes we supply. (We might ask you to provide some basic costume elements, such as a black leotard, depending on the character.)
  • Theatrical makeup on performance day, depending on the character.
  • One printed script. ($10 fee to replace a lost script)
  • The opportunity for your child to rehearse with director Kristin Erickson personally up to twice per week. We offer these 20-minute sessions for no extra fee. (Contact us to set up a time.)
  • Fun and laughter!

Yes! For a typical 14-class session, the fee for each additional sibling is $270.

That’s $70 off – a bit more than 20% of $340. The discount is for any additional sibling enrolled in the same session.

For example, if your two children both attend Session II (a typical 14-class session, in this example) together, the total fee would be $610 ($340 + $270).

If your three children all attend Session II together, the total fee would be $880 ($340 + $270 + $270).

Payment is due by the day of the first class of the session.
We accept checks and PayPal.

Use the following payment address to pay using PayPal.

Make the check out to: Playsical Productions

Mail to:

attn: Kristin Erickson
2420 Evans Road
McFarland, WI 53558

Please send your check by postal mail. Please do not give it to your child to hand in.

Please do not have your child carry a check to class. Instead, please mail it to us at the address given.

You can also hand in your check to us in person when you pick up your child after class.

Let us know, so that we can agree on a payment schedule that works for you.

If you cannot pay the full amount before the first session, send a message through our Facebook page, or call Playsical director Kristin Erickson at (608) 444-0654.


Since starting Playsical six years ago, we’ve been committed to never turning away a child for financial reasons. We have always offered payment plans so that everyone who wants to is able to participate. Give Kristin a call at 608-444-0654 to come up with a plan that works best for your family.

If the cost is out of your reach, please contact us and we will talk about scholarship options.